About this Page

This page and the others you will find in my links are dedicated and set up to assist specifically with education on the point of universal equality. We are a group that is standing together in the principle of what is best for all. Our primary points of focus are 1. self-expansion through self-deprogramming and re-education and 2. Working out and implementing a practical solution for the mess of this world, where lack of money has been identified as the central cause for most of the problems and the suffering that are known to man.

This solution is known today on the internet as the Equal Money System

The reason why education in this world is lacking is because money in this world is lacking. Currently we have a world where more than half of the world is living on less than 2,5 dollars a day and a billion go to sleep every night with an empty stomach. From our research we’ve come to understand there is no way the current monetary system, also known as the world economy, can ever be fixed. The principles it is based on where never established to benefit or support human beings that are born into this world as equals – but merely to perpetuate inequality and enslavement.

I suggest read up on the articles that are and will be posted on my and affiliated pages to get a perspective of what the problem is humanity is currently facing and how a solution can be approached.

We as a group are specifically getting ourselves into education so as to gain a proper understanding of exactly how the system works and to eventually be able to place ourselves into positions of power. I for instance am studying Law at university – others are placing themselves in similar fields of study, such as politics and economy. The plan is to in this lifetime implement a new world wide economic system as a new way of living based on Equality and Human Rights. To this end we have looked at the education part as well as the financial part – and both have been taken into consideration.

For more information on the financial part, check out the Desteni income plan


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