Self-Responsibility, Blame and Accountability

Posted: November 7, 2010 in Desteni, Desteniiprocess, earth, EMS, equal money, equal money system, equality, money, politics, poverty, starvation, war, Wealth
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Everyone is responsible for who they are and what they accept and allow themselves to be. Therefore everyone is accountable and can be held responsible for their actions.

Why/how is this different from blame? Blame is when you yourself are looking for the cause of why you experience yourself the way you do ‘outside of yourself’ in another –  or when you justify your actions  through claiming someone or something outside of yourself is making you act in such a way.

That way you make sure it is never you who has to take responsibility for yourself – because you have placed the source of your experience outside of yourself, ‘outside of your responsibility’ so to speak. Which implies you are not the origin of your actions, but someone or something outside of you is dictating your behavior to which you simply submit.

Thus blame is always self-dishonest because within blame you deny your self-responsibility – and therefore it is never you who has to change but always another.

Holding someone accountable is exactly that: when you see someone is not taking responsibility for themselves and their actions and resort to blame of why they are doing what they are doing – then that person can be held accountable.

Thus politicians can be held accountable for their actions and they cannot blame the system for why they themselves are not doing what is best for all and acting in self-interest.

With regards to blaming the system: this is what everyone is actually doing. Each one is claiming they themselves are powerless within the system and therefore ‘the system’ is always used as a justifiable excuse for why everyone is living in self-interest and in separation from the whole.

Thus the politicians of today are merely reflecting the dishonesty everyone is participating in when it comes to denying ones self-responsibility in the face of the system.

Yet politicians exist precisely because there exists an awareness that the systems can be changed – and those very same politicians will then accept the system as God and merely try to get the best experience for themselves they can get.

Especially the money system is regarded as an unchangeable ‘entity’ – that can never be questioned (like God) and all decisions are made within the framework of the currently existing money system – thereby perpetuating the inequality and abuse that is resulting from the current system due to money.

Self-responsibility and self-accountability would mean that you accept the entire system as your responsibility and as a point you are able to change – because you are participating in it and thus you are equally responsible for its existence.

For politicians this would mean they would have to stand by radical principles of Equality and never accept any excuse of why any point of abuse is allowed.

This is why we have proposed the solution of an Equal Money system – because that is a practical change that is able to be made within this world through physical action, and by presenting the equal money system and the principles it is based on, we are proving that there is actually no excuse why anyone should accept this current reality of inequality and abuse – and thus that everyone is able to take responsibility for themselves and this world.

Time to stand equal to the system and take self-responsibility.

Be one vote for World Equality and support an Equal Money system.

  1. Sylvia says:

    Thank you Gabriel. Indeed blaming is always putting ones responsibility outside ones selves and not wanting to deal with ones selves. It has always consequences for everybody, except when you’re a politician your life is more in the open, public. But everybody is in fact accountable.

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